Stick it in your Endgame – No Spoilers (Because Nerd #8)

Welcome to Because Nerd’s 8th episode! This one is all about the Avengers and asking important questions like what if Dr. Strange was into glory-holes, is Hulk a nymphomaniac, and why won’t Tony let anyone else use one of his Ironman suits? We ponder whether Nick Fury and Hawkeye are actually secret Scrulls in disguise, and we consider the possibility that Thanos is really just acting out over a childhood trauma of being nicknamed The Anus! The Nerds are all assembled (except Logon, who plays the part of Hawkeye and is absent for this episode)! You definitely do not want to miss this episode!!!

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Do you need assistance?! – with Erik Stolhanske (Because Nerd #7)

Welcome to Because Nerd’s 7th episode, and the beginning of our 2nd Season! We are kicking off this new season with an especially nice treat… an interview with the syrup chuggin’, bear-fuckin’ Super Trooper, Rabbit, a.k.a., Erik Stolhanske! We probe deep within him to find out what effect maple syrup had on his bowels, does his Super Trooper fame give him a “get out of jail free” card, how strong is Willie Nelson’s weed, and what are the chances that the world will see Super Troopers 3? We also discuss the crowd-funding victory that Broken Lizard had making Super Troopers 2 and what sort of reception it received in Canada! Then we talk Game of Thrones with Erik, and he gives us his prediction of how it’s all gonna go down! It’s an open bar, dude! You won’t want to miss these shenanigans!!!

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Enter the Cyclops Verse (Because Nerd #6)

Welcome to the Because Nerd Season 1 Finale! Yes, it was one whole year ago that three old friends (+1 more that joined along the way) sat down together to discuss comics and pop culture while trying to fit as many dick and fart jokes into one hour of listening as humanly possible! In this action packed season finale, Chris tells us about his harrowing experience of having to test his might in a showdown with an aggressive pit bull, we explore what happens when a Vorpal Sword meets a critical fail, and we ask that age old question, “Is the White Power Ranger racist?” Then we discuss the awesome 1990s comic book “Batman Vs Predator” and go on to discuss whom else we’d like to see the Predator go up against and how it would all go down (Tom Cruise’s Mom does better than you’d think)! Finally, we are once again joined by Professor Logan for another edition of Shitty X-Men where we explore the reasons that Cyclops is such a dick! Saddle up!!! Cause it’s Because Nerd time!

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Don’t be Negative (Because Nerd #5)

Welcome to another episode of Because Nerd! In this episode, we talk about some of the perils of domestic life with the Flintstones and the Jetsons, then we discuss whether the Moon Landing was actually fake or not (spoiler alert: It wasn’t fake!), and then we explore the mind altering powers of Ayahuasca Master and how no one wins when they fight him! Then we take a moment to pay a most respectable tribute to the memory of Burt Reynolds, and after that we play a round of our newest trivia game “Porn or Comics”! Lastly, Clint and Logan walk us through a spoiler-free review of the drug fueled adventure that is the movie Mandy! Get ready to get your freak on with Because Nerd!

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Hit the Killswitch (Because Nerd #4)

Welcome to Because Nerd’s 4th episode! Today we introduce a new nerd, Mike, and probe deep into his inner most nerdom! We talk about the amazing comic book  series, The Boys. We debate whether we would rather have the superpower of Flight or Invisibility, as well as ask what other superpowers are simply more trouble than they are worth. We discuss why life on the Enterprise would be the absolute best and talk about which tropes most grinds Mike’s gear. Then we wrap up our conversation by exploring the burgeoning world of sex robots and their inevitable evolution into Terminator killing machines! This one’s a wild ride so buckle up, hit play, and enjoy the trip! You definitely don’t want to pass this one up!

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Palace Art Market


We’re helping our artist, Caroline Catlett Gates, run a booth at Palace Art Market on Frenchman Street:

Palace Art Market
619 Frenchman St.
New Orleans, LA 70116

We’ll have some of her original paintings and drawings, plus lots of affordable canvas and paper prints 🙂 Come see us!

Tuesday: 7:00pm – 12:00am
Wednesday: 7:00pm – 12:00am
Saturday: 1:00pm – 5:00pm, 7:00pm – 1:00am

There will be live painting sometime in the future, and some really weird (and big!) stuff coming out for the Halloween season. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the loop.

You can also check out Caroline’s website, and follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

You Drink Too Much (Because Nerd #3)

Welcome to Because Nerd’s third episode! Today we discuss all the shenanigans that Chris got into at Pensacon, like meeting some of the Broken Lizard team, late night drinking with Seth Gilliam and Dana DeLorenzo, being challenged by Cell from DBZ, and asking the designer of the Death Star about his crowning achievement (and it’s not what you think it’s gonna be)! On top of that, we talk about Logan’s psychomedical superabilities and the mysteries that lie within the movie Annihilation. Then, in Shitty X-Men, we discuss how Cannonball’s superpower is fueled by Jagermeister and Bacardi 151, and in Killing Batman, Clint explains how Ulysses Solomon Archer (US1) seduces Batman into a deadly trap! This is an action packed episode filled with intrigue and a butt-load of laughs! You definitely do not want to miss it!!!

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The Last Apology (Because Nerd #2)

Welcome to Because Nerd’s second episode! This is by far our funniest episode yet! Today we discuss the origins of Casey Jones in TMNT, why Liam Neeson’s name is so hard to pronounce, what happened to all the energy in Cloverfield Paradox , if anyone will be handing out Z-jobs in Super Troopers 2, and much more. We also ponder what the hell Shockwave was doing with all his alone time on Cybertron. Then, in Shitty X-men, we talk about the later years of Dazzler’s music career, and finally, in Killing Batman, we pit Batman against the most tragic Superhero ever, Shadow Hawk!

WARNING: This episode has been known to induce uncontrollable, hysterical laughter! Listen at your own risk!!!

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The Final Countdown (Because Nerd #1)

Welcome to Because Nerd’s pilot episode! Today we talk about whether or not Star Wars: TLJ should be removed from canon, if Fairy lives do actually matter, the dangers of being cock-blocked in Future Man, and what if Quintin Tarantino directed Star Trek in conjunction with Robert Rodriguez. Then Clint and Logan choose which superpower they want and debate which of them would subsequently win in a fight. And we introduce two new segments: Shitty X-Men and Killing Batman! Prepare to be nerded on!

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